REMET is a manufacturer, a distributor, a consultant, a teacher, a leader, an innovator and a listener. REMET is much more than just a name. The core of REMET started with waxes, binders and refractory grains and flours to serve the needs of investment casters. REMET quickly realized that the other manufacturers and distributors of the world only concentrated on one particular product line. This was fine in the past, but REMET was able to find synergies between multiple product lines and ensure that all worked in harmony. Thus REMET today is in a position to supply from A to Z all requirements even of a demanding investment casting customer.

For nearly 40 years, REMET Corporation has continually evolved into an international supplier of all products and services for the Precision Investment Casting industry.
Starting with a product portfolio of waxes, binders and refractories, REMET expanded its offering to nowadays include a comprehensive range of products and services to provide answers that meet and exceed the precision investment casting challenges of tomorrow…
..... from Concept to Casting!